Travel, a reflecting mechanism.

There is no denying living aboard opens up a lot of opportunities. Coming from Australia it seemed so unreal that I could just go to Germany for the day to see the Christmas markets. Just the day. Took the bus there and was back nine hours later after a day of Gluhwein, Christmas candy and some gifts. This luxury is not possible in Australia!


Aachen, 2014 Christmas Markets.

But sometimes with the commitments of work, study, life you can forget how much time and effort you invested to come abroad and how lucky you are. You can loose perspective. And this certainly happens to me. After a day of studying, cooking and cleaning I was exhausted just walking home when I suddenly noticed this.

Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Maastricht, The Netherlands.

It was then I stopped and really took it all in. How beautiful my surroundings were and how lucky I was to be here. Europe really does know how to celebrate Christmas and with four weeks to go, Maastricht was really doing a good job in making the place look amazing. Since it is summer in Australia I am not use to seeing everyone rugged up around this time but I really do love this winter atmosphere. It is how Christmas is represented in the movies and it really does have a special feel to it.

It was really important that I had a moment like this. To stop me from what I was doing and look at the beauty surrounding me. Maastricht, the city just shining in full force. It made me really appreciate where I have come and what I am doing. I am living my dream. Something I worked so hard to achieve and I was so grateful for that moment, so that I could remember this.

It is so important to go for what you want in life and what your heart desires. It scares me that so many people don’t and too many dreams just fade. I understand not everyone is as lucky to let their dreams happen as life can get in the way but at that point in time I was stopped and shown to appreciate where I was and what I was doing.

I think that is what travel does so well. It puts you in positions to really pause and allow you to reflect on your life.


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